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March 30, 2010



Thank you Shellagh @ Ticking & Toile for such a super post about Christina’s new book!  We really appreciate it.  Please visit  Ticking & Toile to see the book review, and Shellagh’s gorgeous blog.


Katherine &  Suzie



March 27, 2010

Thank You


Grace at design*sponge wrote a lovely review about Christina’s new book, Cabbages & Roses At Home with Country published by Cico Books.  Thank you so much!  Check our Grace’s post and her super blog, design*sponge

Our book press release

March 26, 2010

For Immediate Release:

European Fashion and Textile House is At Home with Country

London, England, February 23rd, 2010

Christina Strutt, the creative force behind the international lifestyle brand Cabbages & Roses, celebrates her signature décor style in the new book At Home With Country, published by CICO Books.

Throughout Europe, Cabbages & Roses is synonymous with English Country styling, and the brand’s refined rustic look is a perennial favorite among celebrities and discriminating clients alike.  Founded by Christina in 2000, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, and is now featured in over 30 UK retail locations, including two highly successful stand-alone boutiques in London proper. With At Home With Country, Christina’s fifth book, showcases her distinct brand sense, and flair for home décor with dwellings from two continents that exude country charm.

Featuring residences in both the US and the UK, Christina tackles industrial, cosmopolitan, cottage and urban spaces finding unique ways to infuse country and rustic English style and her  romantic products into the interior and exterior design. More than makeovers, the book features Cabbages & Roses style of fusing old and new together to create décor that evokes warmth, sophistication and emotion, with defining prints and luscious signature products.  From rural retreats to English manor houses, from New York city apartments to enchanting Cape Cod beachside homes sumptuous photography captures the charm that English Country styling creates.

April 2010 marks the brand’s 10th Anniversary and, to honor this milestone, At Home with Country will be released transcontinentally throughout both Europe (April) and North America (March).

The Author

Christina Strutt began developing Cabbages & Roses ( in a barn in Somerset, and in the past ten years, has guided the growth of the brand from a small mail order company into a versatile and highly recognizable lifestyle brand with a globally expanding business.  Prior to Cabbages and Roses, Christina was a stylist in the US and the UK, as well as for international editions of Vogue, Victoria, Interiors and other publications. Her previous books include A Guide to Green Housekeeping (CICO), Romantic Home Sewing (Potter Craft), and Decorating Vintage Style (Hearst/Sterling). Married with two children, Christina lives near Bath, England.

Publication date: March 2010 – 160 pages, 250 color photographs – $29.95 hardcover – ISBN 9781907030161


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Celebrating Ten Years!

March 2, 2010
Ten years ago Cabbages & Roses started life with a pot of pencils and two pink notebooks, belonging to its founders Christina Strutt and Brigette Buchanan – computers were barely invented at least in our world in the depths of the countryside.  All the catalogues were photographed by Christina using her poor children Kate and Edward as props and models and of course the two jack Russell terriers – Lilly and Cromarty.

And here we are 10 years later embarking on and entering into the world of blogging.

We hope to instill into our blog the essence of day-to-day life of this extraordinary company we have somehow created. Welcome to Cabbages & Roses’ blog. Next we shall address the world of Twitter.

It is a curiosity that so many people have embraced the Cabbages & Roses brand – it has become an entity of its own, we are all running to keep up with it, but it is growing handsomely and we are all very proud of what it and we have achieved during the first ten years of this century.

Our days are spent in the ‘cabbagepatch’ a beautiful converted barn attached to the Jigsaw UK buildings in Surrey, across the road from the famous botanical gardens of Kew.

We fill it with all the workings and creations and industry of the Cabbages story – at any one time there are three collections being worked upon, there is the stash of vintage and antique curiosities which are slowly fed to our shops and our concession spaces within the Jigsaw stores, there are fabric samples and trials, and then there is us, squeezed into our space, but reluctant to face the fact that we have outgrown our barn long ago. We will, we hope, feed the blog with snippets and cuttings from the world of Cabbages & Roses, we will show you what moves us, and the rich and varied life we lead in pictures and words.

We will show you how a beautiful sight or thought turns into a reality. We will share our catastrophes and our triumphs, our enthusiasms and our ideas.


Stay in touch, and let us know if what we are sharing is what you want to see
and read, we would love to hear from you.