July 8, 2010



Monthly Giveaway

Dear Friends

We are having such a good time working with some amazing blogger friends that we have decided to create an official Cabbages & Roses Monthly Giveaway.  We worked with the lovely Maria @ Dreamy Whites in June, she showcased a terrific interview with Christina and a gorgeous giveaway that was a hit with everyone!  And over the July 4th weekend we collaborated with the wonderful Ness @ Marley & Lockyer, where Christina guest blogged sharing some design tips with Ness’s lovely followers, along with another fun giveaway.   To this end, once a month we will announce our blogging partner and the date of the post and giveaway about a week before the event.  Who knows, we may even sneak a giveaway in on our blog too!

We appreciate your support and sweet comments about Cabbages & Roses, and hope in some way the giveaways are a fun thank you to you all!



P.S. Here is a peek a the tablecloth set going out to Jennifer @ pineflatssytle.blogspot.com, the winner of the Dreamy Whites giveaway.


32 Responses to “”

  1. victoria Says:

    I love your “look” and a monthly giveaway is so exciting!

  2. elyse Says:

    just adore your blog and all things c&r. i would love for you to visit my blog ~ i would be more than happy to host a giveaway sometime.


    • Hi Elyse,

      We would love to pitch to Christina/Cabbages & Roses about a potential project for your blog. And since your blog seems to be project oriented , we can send you fabric to create something wonderful and also have that(the fabric) be the giveaway. What do you think?


      C & R

    • Elyse
      We’re so excited to have our very first giveaway, which we just posted. If you have a moment please check it out.


  3. Lucky Jennifer! The tablecloth is beautiful.

  4. Elsina Says:

    That is just such a gorgeous present, congrats to Jennifer!

  5. lana Says:

    I wasn’t able to leave the comment on that blog, did I need to be on Twitter?

  6. zaira Says:

    It’s so exciting what you do with blogs….maybe one day I will be lucky as well to host one of your superb giveaways…who knows? Jennifer is a lucky girl, the tablecloth is one of my favourite!!!

    xx Zaira

  7. m Says:

    Oh! Give always are ALWAYS fun!!! Thank you!!!

    m ^..^

  8. Ooh, I love your blog! Just signed up for your newsletters too. Congrats to Jennifer on the giveaway.

  9. lynn Says:

    So pleased to see you have a blog, and interesting things happening….fabulous
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  10. I adore your style and fabrics…congratulations Jennifer!

  11. yukika Says:

    I’m a japanese. I am so interested in pretty interior.
    I read “A girly interior in London” in Japan.
    Christina Strutt’s house is so wonderfil!
    It’s so beautiful and cute!
    I wanna make my room cute more.

    Thank you!

  12. Mitali Says:

    Your sense of style is soo amazing! Beautiful fabric!

  13. I adore your designs and patterns, they always look so fresh and inviting!!! A montly giveaway will be very exciting.

    Dawn…The Bohemian

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