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Cyril Gerber Fine Art

August 30, 2010

Late August.   Short trip to Glasgow to see Anthony Fry Exhibition at Cyril Gerber Fine Art.

A lovely peaceful journey on the train up to Scotland, my favourite part of the journey anticipated with glee, and it did not disappoint – Berwick upon Tweed – magical scenery of farmland joining great grey sea, cliffs and little secret beaches.

Hotel Blythswood Square, once apparently a brothel, still with red lamps in the windows.   Beautifully designed, luxurious rooms and charming staff

Visit to Jigsaw on Ingram Street.   Manageress Emma, as always, enthusiastic and welcoming.   Cabbages & Roses department, a little sparce, awaiting new winter collection, but what was there looked beautiful.   Extraordinary shop, once a bank, grand and elegant.

Cyril Gerber Fine Art, a lovely gallery at 148 West Regent Street, Glasgow.   Surprised to see so many people attending the opening, old friends and new friends, all beautiful, beautifully dressed – as befits an Anthony Fry show.   The paintings are breathtaking, his work just gets better and better as the red dots testify.   ‘Fry’s work depicts dreamlike landscapes and figurative works, incandescent hues and textures, infused with vivid colour inspired by travels in the exotic subcontinents of India’.   What more can I say? except that I would like to own Hill With Kites!



Sofa so Good

August 28, 2010

Kate (Christina’s daughter and C&R business development) has been moving house recently and decided that the huge blue sofa we have been storing in our warehouse would be prefect for her new living room. We all jumped to our feet to join in and help move it. None of us could have known it would take 6 women to move through the warehouse’s narrow walk way, negotiating around other pieces of furniture and general warehouse junk. Finally once out of the warehouse it was a matter of getting it round the corner.

See below for our obvious debate over size and weight.

After some deliberation, we left the sofa where it was to be collected and relaxed for a moment with an ice lollie or two.



August 17, 2010

August 6, 2010

Thank You




Simplified Bee

for writing such a lovely review of Christina’s new book,

At Home with Country

by CICO Books.


August 3, 2010

Thank You


From The Right Bank

for a lovely article about Christina’s new book, At Home with Country by CICO Books.