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September 28, 2010


Maggie’s and Cabbages & Roses have been working together since summer 2009, celebrating their passion for beautiful design and a thoughtful approach.  Maggie’s provide support for people living with cancer out of welcoming, inspiring and, sometimes challenging, cancer support centres all over the UK.

The importance of environment has been a cornerstone of Maggie’s programme of support since the charity launched in 1995 – Maggie’s founder believed that providing the right kind of support in the right kind of space was an empowering way to help people live with, through and beyond cancer.  Maggie’s have now built six cancer support centres and are raising funds to build a further seven before 2012.  The centres provide a drop-in service for anyone affected by cancer, including families, friends and carers; a programme of activities and groups helping people to manage stress, eat well and cope with grief and the impact of the side effects of cancer and a wealth of information and advice.  You can find out where your nearest Maggie’s Centre is and more about how you can support Cabbages & Roses’ charity by visiting

It costs Maggie’s around £350,000 a year to provide this much-needed support out of one of their cancer support centres, and Maggie’s relies on the support of individuals and businesses like Cabbages & Roses, who generously donate their money, time and ideas – helping Maggie’s to help others, and to grow.  It is Maggie’s aim to build a cancer support centre in the grounds of every major hospital in the UK and Cabbages & Roses have been helping make that happen by donating 10% of the profit made on some of their amazing clothes to Maggie’s.

The story started in SS09 with a beautiful cashmere sweater and continued in AW09 with a special ‘hope’ t-shirt.  Maggie’s work to ensure that people can live with hope and determination despite a diagnosis of cancer, so this product was an amazing way to demonstrate that message.

In SS10 the product was the beautiful Delilah tunic, comfortable, functional and yet beautiful it was a perfect piece for Maggie’s and Cabbages & Roses created a special Maggie’s label for the tunic.  .

Now the story continues and this AW10 Cabbages & Roses are delighted to be supporting Maggie’s again through providing a 10% donation from profit made from the sale of two of their beautiful products, the Suzie Tunic and their heavenly-scented Cabbages & Roses candle.







Maggie’s Centres are resolutely uninstitutional and smell is a very important factor in making people feel they are truly at home. Maggie’s are delighted that a candle will be in next years range for this very reason, again strengthening the link between the Cabbages and Roses ethos of natural beauty and Maggie’s ethos of domestic harmony.


September 23, 2010

In August Cabbages & Roses celebrated its first wedding, Kate Strutt married Christopher Howells.

We would like to thank Pennard Orchardfor so kindly lending us three beautiful tipis.  They set up three giant structures in the beautiful garden of Brook Cottage to act as temporary homes for the 12 bridesmaids, attendants, friends and Violet Buchanan who performed miracles with hair and make up.   It was a perfect and wholesome solution to lack of bed space in the house.


As one of the of the bridesmaids I snuggled up before, during and after all the festivities in one of the four beds in my tipi, dressed beautifully in Cabbages & Roses bedlinen and we were each given a set of bath towels in our Hatley print.

It was hands down the best camping experience I have ever had. Even the rain pattering gently on the canvas couldn’t put me off .


Cabbage and bridesmaid xx

September 18, 2010

Lovely Article


Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations Dyan  for winning the monthly giveaway featured on Coco & Kelley’s Blog.

We hope you love your striped towel and cardigan as much as we did making them.

All bundled up

And ready to GO!


Lots of love,

Cabbages & Roses








Dancing Horses

September 16, 2010

Dancing Horses

In 2002 or it might possibly have been 2003, Cabbages & Roses was runner up in the Elle Decoration fabric awards.   The fabric, Dancing Horses, was white creatures galloping in pairs on a beautiful red ground.   We have been asked many times to ressurect this fabric and we are delighted to say that with a little prodding from stylist Twig Hutchinson, we have re-introduced it into our new Gilbert Range.   Continuing celebrations for our 10th anniversary, we had a look at our archives from that year and came up with various prints – re-coloured and re-introduced.   With boys in mind (Cabbages & Roses has happily become a grandmother to a tiny baby boy) this collection, whilst fitting into any environment, is particularly suitable for men, boys and babies, as well as kitchens, bathrooms, studies, spare rooms, sheds, treehouses and on and on.   Have a look at the ‘Gilbert Range‘ on our website,

September Rays

September 14, 2010

Catching the Last Rays of British September Sun

Cabbages & Roses decided that since we had missed out on playing rounders again this summer we should throw out some left over tweed on the grass, grab some fruit salads, crisps and chocolate brownies and lashings of lemonade, we plonk ourselves down to eat the cheese & pickle and ham & mustard sandwiches Amy kindly made up for us all.

We ate until our little bellies were full and rolled on back to the office for a lethargic Friday afternoon of work… We all perked up with a bit of loud radio and the delivery of some lovely hand knitted hats- though they are sadly a reminder that winter days are almost upon us… at least we will look adorable in our woolly hats.


Fabric swatches

September 11, 2010

Here at Cabbages we want to make sure that you are happy with your fabric choices, so that you will love them and cherish them for as long as possible (hopefully, forever). If you would like a swatch, we have a service through which you can order the fabrics of your choice in order to try them out in your home before making your final decision. Our Northcote Road store primarily deals with requests and you can call them on 0207 223 8972.

Swatches our customers outside of London – the best way to get a swatch would be to contact our shop either by phone +44 207 352 7333, or by email


Either of our stores will be more than happy to help you with colours, patterns and combinations, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some advice and a nice chat.

September 9, 2010

Thank You




Centsational Girl

For a delightful review of Christina’s new book,

At Home with Country

by CICO Books

Click on over to and enter to win a copy of At Home with Country











Tent – Craft

September 8, 2010


As the summer draws to a close we thought it  fun to share a craft for an adventurous child (or a child at heart) who wants to play “camping” in the garden.  One last hurrah for the little ones before schools starts!  Straight out of Christina’s Vintage Crafts book, a simple idea that creates fun childhood memories.

Child’s Play Tent


  • approx. 2 x 4 yds (2 x 4 m) of heavy canvas fabric
  • four 12 x 9 in. (30 x 23 cm) pieces of contrasting heavy
  • canvas for pockets
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread
  • strong string or washing line
  • 4 bricks or other objects

Step 1.

Make a single miter at each corner of the tent fabric and hem all around.

Step 2.

Miter the corners of the four pieces of fabric for the pockets and hem them all.

Step 3.

Stitch one pocket to each corner of the outside of the tent, so that a brick or heavy object sits on it long side on the ground.

Step 4.

Tie the string or washing line around the two trees or strong supports at a height of about 4 ½ ft (1.4 m). Throw the canvas fabric over the string. Place a brick or other heavy object in each pocket to weight the sides down to the ground. Always supervise children when they play.

To take a closer look at the Cabbages & Roses fabrics used in the project please click on this link.  We hope you enjoy the project, and we welcome your feedback.



Les Nereides Jewellery

September 8, 2010

We are head over heels at Cabbages for the gorgeous jewellery we’re lucky enough to have in store at the moment, by French company Les Néréides. The delicious beads are sumptiously sculpted out of coral and turquoise, hung delicately along 100% silk thread for some simple, elegant luxury. The darling stamps with ‘amour’ and ‘love’ on them look charming on the plain silk necklaces that are already dotted with tiny, delectable glass beads, and the satisfying globe of 18k gold plating dangles tantilisingly from the red silk thread like a medal,congratulating us on being so clever for buying such beautiful jewellery

With prices starting at £20, and our mail order service at your fingertips,
it shouldn’t take much to fall in love…



September 3, 2010

We thought we’d share a delightful blog post with you about a dear friend of Christina’s, Fifi O’Neill. When Anne Marie form Na-Da Farm Life met up with Fifi for a photo shoot at her home for Fifi’s new book, they exchanged more than images…a heart felt connection.   We are touched that Fifi chose to send the luscious  Cabbages & Roses fabric to Anne Marie. Take a look for yourself and witness a friendship blossom.

Anne Marie,

We hold the same warm feeling towards Fifi, needless to say we love her too!


C & R