September 3, 2010

We thought we’d share a delightful blog post with you about a dear friend of Christina’s, Fifi O’Neill. When Anne Marie form Na-Da Farm Life met up with Fifi for a photo shoot at her home for Fifi’s new book, they exchanged more than images…a heart felt connection.   We are touched that Fifi chose to send the luscious  Cabbages & Roses fabric to Anne Marie. Take a look for yourself and witness a friendship blossom.

Anne Marie,

We hold the same warm feeling towards Fifi, needless to say we love her too!


C & R


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  1. So wonderful you shared this with all of us. I was just over at Anne Marie’s last night reading her post. As far as Fifi, they DO NOT come better, no way, no how… she uplifts and encourages us all to dream our heart’s special wishes.

  2. We cannot agree with you more!
    Thanks for your thoughts Tracie.


    C & R

  3. Anne Marie Says:

    Hello Christina…what an honor for you to mention me and my post – I’m glad you liked it….you are so sweet yourself. Fifi said the nicest things about you and your beautiful soul….
    I actually did another post just today, featuring some of your beautiful clothes, and the spirit behind them – at least, how they speak to me….sewing for me, is quite a passion, and I become connected to the projects I do…and your sense of style has very much influenced me over the years.
    Fifi plans on coming here in May of 2011 for her book signing – I would love to have you too! Let me know…but you are always welcome at my farm.

    Anne Marie

  4. Anne Marie is an a amazing person with a fabulous and kind spirit. I am so happy to know her.

  5. I had the distinct pleasure
    of visiting with Anne Marie
    at her Na-da Farm petiti
    flea market sale in May. She
    is as gracious as you can
    imagine from her blog and
    Cabbages and Roses fabric
    fits in perfectly with her farm
    style! Love it!
    xx Suzanne

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