September 28, 2010


Maggie’s and Cabbages & Roses have been working together since summer 2009, celebrating their passion for beautiful design and a thoughtful approach.  Maggie’s provide support for people living with cancer out of welcoming, inspiring and, sometimes challenging, cancer support centres all over the UK.

The importance of environment has been a cornerstone of Maggie’s programme of support since the charity launched in 1995 – Maggie’s founder believed that providing the right kind of support in the right kind of space was an empowering way to help people live with, through and beyond cancer.  Maggie’s have now built six cancer support centres and are raising funds to build a further seven before 2012.  The centres provide a drop-in service for anyone affected by cancer, including families, friends and carers; a programme of activities and groups helping people to manage stress, eat well and cope with grief and the impact of the side effects of cancer and a wealth of information and advice.  You can find out where your nearest Maggie’s Centre is and more about how you can support Cabbages & Roses’ charity by visiting

It costs Maggie’s around £350,000 a year to provide this much-needed support out of one of their cancer support centres, and Maggie’s relies on the support of individuals and businesses like Cabbages & Roses, who generously donate their money, time and ideas – helping Maggie’s to help others, and to grow.  It is Maggie’s aim to build a cancer support centre in the grounds of every major hospital in the UK and Cabbages & Roses have been helping make that happen by donating 10% of the profit made on some of their amazing clothes to Maggie’s.

The story started in SS09 with a beautiful cashmere sweater and continued in AW09 with a special ‘hope’ t-shirt.  Maggie’s work to ensure that people can live with hope and determination despite a diagnosis of cancer, so this product was an amazing way to demonstrate that message.

In SS10 the product was the beautiful Delilah tunic, comfortable, functional and yet beautiful it was a perfect piece for Maggie’s and Cabbages & Roses created a special Maggie’s label for the tunic.  .

Now the story continues and this AW10 Cabbages & Roses are delighted to be supporting Maggie’s again through providing a 10% donation from profit made from the sale of two of their beautiful products, the Suzie Tunic and their heavenly-scented Cabbages & Roses candle.







Maggie’s Centres are resolutely uninstitutional and smell is a very important factor in making people feel they are truly at home. Maggie’s are delighted that a candle will be in next years range for this very reason, again strengthening the link between the Cabbages and Roses ethos of natural beauty and Maggie’s ethos of domestic harmony.


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  1. lynn Says:

    I have always been impressed by your dedication and care that you show your customers( kind of old fashioned and warm in a nice way), and have in the past been on the receiving end of your kindness, reading this enforces this in my mind, and make me say what a fabulous company you are, and I so wish more followed your lead, bringing charitys like Maggies Centres to our attention. Thankyou.
    Lynn xx

    • What an absolutely wonderful comment. Thank you Lynn, it is taken with the utmost appreciation.
      Maggie’s Centers is a wonderful organization that should be commended for its brilliant work. Thank you for acknowledging their brilliance


      C & R

  2. Kate Morgan Says:

    I simply love the Delilah Tunic but cannot find it anywhere. So I have bought some Hatley cotton from C&R and am going to try and make it myself, any idea where I can get a pattern to follow or even a pattern for something similar?

    • Dear Kate,

      Thank you for your comment. The delilah tunic sold out quite quickly! We are doing a dress in similar fabric this summer, so keep your eyes peeled, and what a good idea for a pattern post. We will look into it.

      Best C&R xx

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