October 7, 2010

Hong Kong to Tokyo and back…

The start of an epic trip

Arrived in smog


Then the typhoon arrived

Left in mist

Worked on the 45th floor




We are told its lovely!

The JIA Hotel (www.jiahongkong.com) –

Brilliantly and expertly designed by Phillipe Starck –

WORK WORK WORK. Heavenly Maggie looked after us and fed us tea and dim sum

4 hour flight to Tokyo with Cathay Pacific, which we recommend in every way.

Hotel Osaka, our home for the next 7 days. A walk away from Tokyo Tower…





It is well placed for the South West of the City, near Ginza, the Tokyo Tower, Ebisu station for the area of Daikanyama where our flag ship store will be opening. Our shop is next door to Kath Kidston, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and other interesting Japanese brands such as Okura  (The Marleybone High Street of Tokyo)

And a few stops away from Omotesando where you can find Comme du Garcon, Ralph Lauren and Chanel, at the other end, Harajuku has some brilliant side streets and keep an eye out for mens and womens wear brand Nest Robe http://nestrobe.com/

Little Kyoto (Kamakura ) by the sea, an hour’s journey by the tube from The Osaka. It is unusual with its dark sand and temples, worth the visit to eat traditional soba noodles and see some very brilliant little concept stores that the Japanese are so good at.

Nori in her Cabbage Tilly Top

crossing the railway line to a

secret antique/junk shop…

Some to note are

Antique shop

Mini beach shop

Hand made shop

Launch our 1st of 3 Tokyo spaces and our new book, (which is charming – despite the fact that the only thing we can read is Christina’s signature on the front cover –)


to be continued . . .


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  1. Mimi Says:

    Hello. I enjoy reading your blog.
    By the way, where and what name of the shop in Kamakura?
    White wall and interior looks very lovely. I would like to visit there some day!

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