October 18, 2010

At C&R we love to support all things British. We also love to keep things handcrafted where possible. Because of this, every Winter we work alongside Wendy Keith’s BRITISH KNITTERS to create a beautiful hand knitted collection. Wendy works with an army of knitters dotted around the country all of whom work from home, her company has had the Soil Association’s organic approval and she even has the Royal Warrant to knit His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ shooting stockings!

This year we have designed a playful snowflake fair isle pattern to go on a luxurious scarf and our classic a-line shape sweater.

We also have an incredibly cosy trawlerman’s beanie with the feminine touch of a bow on the top.

These pieces are very special, all made by hand, with care and attention. Cabbages & Roses are proud to support a craft that has been under threat since the introduction of mass production and we hope it will continue for many centuries to come.


Cabbages & Roses are delighted to introduce you to our lovely handmade wellington boot socks, also made by Wendy Keith, by making them our monthly giveaway. As with the scarf, sweater and beanie each pair is knitted in England with organic wool from sheep reared on H.R.H Prince of Wales’ Duchy Farms.

To enter please leave a comment below telling us what you most love about Cabbages & Roses and you might win your own pair. Please enter by 31st October 2010, winner will be randomly selected, and the giveaway is open to all our friends around the world.


C & R



154 Responses to “”

  1. ipires Says:

    I love Cabbages and Roses clothes not just because of their lovely design and amazing colours but also because of the workmanship and quality of the fabrics which, as a rookie home seamstress, I appreciate to no end.

  2. lynn Says:

    Everyone knows I love you so…….I used each of the letters of your name….

    Blissful clothes
    Soft Furnishings



    Have a lovely week Lynn x

  3. Sabina Says:

    I’m Italian and I can not attend, but want to tell you that I love your style and Christina Strutt is fantastic!

  4. Monica Lee Says:

    Oh! warm and cuddly! I want to enter…it is starting to get chilly here in Boston!

  5. Monica Lee Says:

    …and what I love most about Cabbages and Roses, well, I love that the ladies of C and R are so dedicated to being eco friendly, I love that they love candy (I am sure as well as vegetables) and I love that everything about C and R makes you feel so feminine…including wooly socks!

  6. Heather Garwood Says:

    I think that you have some of the most beautiful Fabrics that I have ever seen! I live in The Unites States and when in London awhile back had spent hours taking different taxis, asking many surrounding shop owners where I could find your beautiful little store. It was worth all of my time!! Look forward to coming back again soon!

  7. Lu Says:

    What a beautiful range of products. I love the colours which are very modern and classy! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  8. I love the timeless
    feeling that C&R brings
    to its whole product line.
    It must be my British
    heritage {although I’m
    American}; whenever I
    am on your site or read
    your books, it feels like
    xx Suzanne

  9. I agree with Suzanne…the timeless feeling of your fabrics, and clothing does it for me…..Of course I love the British and the quaint little English cottage, and your products really bring that “feeling'” to life. They make me want to curl up w/ a lovely book & cup of tea next to a fire…..

  10. Your fabrics just speak to me….their subtle patterns and gorgeous textures make my swoon…and oh how I love anything handmade…especially something made from wooly sheep in England…here I go again…swooning.

  11. I have to say, I love the romance of your fabrics, hands down. It’s a feel I strive for in my day to day life here but calls me home with the British feel my grandmother from Cornwall used to tell us about with a sparkle.

    What could be better than that romantic essence and handmade wellington boot socks on a cool morning walk? Certainly, it’s dreamy goodness I’d love to experience here.

    • Tracie,

      Your lovely comment was an experience of its own, oh those beautiful words. We would love it if you enter in every giveaway for we look forward to reading more like these.


      C & R

  12. zaira Says:

    I’m an Italian girl but I feel a strong attraction to everything english. Cabbages and Roses represents the essence of al the english charme. The love for traditions with a touch of romance.


  13. Gina F Says:

    I love everything about Cabbages and Roses. The timeless soft classic charm. It feels like home, all warm and cozy!

  14. elyse Says:

    ooh — that’s easy — i love your fabrics. i am smitten with the faded roses in colors with lovely names like cerise …


  15. {oc cottage} Says:

    Oh, did I need those cozy socks today! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    m ^..^

  16. I love the quality, romance and lovely patterns. What a great giveaway! Many thanks.


  17. Nancy Says:

    Oh the Fabrics! They are just so special and dreamy and somewhat personable!!
    Thanks, Nancy

  18. ~*~*I love your timeless fabrics..the images in your books are so beautiful~*I LOVE it all~*~* Hugs, Rachel ~*~*

  19. FRANCESCA Says:

    Hi there!
    As you already know I am a big fan of Cabbages & Roses.
    What do I love most about your company? That’s difficult to tell… I love everything you produce!
    But I can surely say that ” le trait d’union” of your company is the soft and cosy feeling your textiles brings to interiors.
    And well, your clothes range! So feminine (but not affected), so chic and sophisticated yet so practical!
    p.s. Those boot socks would be perfect in my Hunters!! 😉

  20. greedy nan Says:

    I love the whole ‘being’ of C&R. It’s not just about clothing and fabric, etc. It’s somehow evokes a whole way of life and unfortunately, this is just out of my reach but I’ve always been a dreamer. The socks would take me in a small way into that lifestyle.

  21. Thanks so much for inviting me here today. I’ve been looking around and I too really love your fabrics, their just gorgeous…. and those boot socks will be so nice with the winter months just around the corner!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  22. Ness Lockyer Says:

    I have always loved the simple beauty that C&R’s brings to a room. It can be homely and relaxed or chic and sophisticated.
    C&R’s has so many faces to evoke so many lives.
    Ness xx

  23. I love your fabrics and they stir memories of times gone past….when life was slower, more simpler and most things were made by hand not machine.

    Leeann x

  24. It is so easy to repy to what I love the most.. It has to be the timeworn look of the rose fabric that is features in many pictures… It makes my heart melt…

  25. Maureen Says:

    The design is classic. The beauty and feel are timeless. Warm and comforting seem appropriate with the feel.

  26. Karen Says:

    Love the textures and colors. They look so soft and cosy.

  27. monique Says:

    everything is so english, so romantic, love all ! those socks would keep my little feet warm and cozy.
    monique x

  28. Roseanna Says:

    Romantic, sophisticated, natural, feminine and earth friendly.
    Cabbages and Roses is all of it to me.

  29. Becky Says:

    oh such adorable things.The hats with the bows on top really caught my eye.I love hats and warm gloves and things for winter.Its an obsession of mine. lol.The socks are awesome who doesnt look cozy warm feet in the winter.

    This all reminded me my husbands grandfather was English his grandmother was irish.So it all reminded me of the past a bit.

    Thanks for sharing these lovlies.

  30. janie Says:

    I love the fabrics’ romantic and nostalgic feel.

  31. Oooo, what to pick?
    That everything is all so lovely. Just lovely.

  32. Deb Says:

    How absolutely gorgeous! Just what my wellie boots need 🙂
    I was born in Sussex England & Cabbages and Roses feels like Home ♥

  33. Melissa Says:

    Timeless, charming, cozy, sophisticated, welcoming, well-constructed, romantic – the adjectives describing C&R go on and on. My Hunter boots and puppy – and not to mention my feet – cry out for a wonderful pair of your Wellington socks.


    • Melissa,
      Such creative and heart warming descriptions, thank you so much for entering in the first Cabbages & Roses giveaway, we would love nothing more but to have you enter in future giveaways. Take care.


      C & R

  34. Whitney Says:

    I love how you take romantic traditional and make it look so chic! It makes me want to cozy up and a read a book, but look fabulous doing it 🙂

  35. I want to live inside a Cabbages and Roses photo shoot! I not only love the product lines but I love the whole ethos of Cabbages and Roses. You promote a way of life that I aspire to.

    Sarah Elizabeth x x

  36. Robyn Says:

    Beautiful timeless fabrics.

  37. Janine Marshall Says:

    So happy to have found your blog through Marley & Lockyer blog. I have recently purchased your new book ‘At home with Country’. I love every page and have also collected all articles that you have been featured in in the English magazines. I love your style and your fabrics that you produce. They evoke feelings of classic style, serenity and running away to the country to have a picnic in the meadows! All sophisticated and stunningly beautiful. Hope you are all having a great day.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  38. Gail Says:

    I love the romantic patterns and soft colors…just beautiful!

  39. Brenda Says:

    I love all the fabrics and just recently purchased a duvet cover and pillow cases and have been thrilled with them all. I cannot wait to order some fabric to start some new projects. Thank you for the lovely opportunity to enter your giveaway!!


    • We are so happy to hear your recent Cabbages & Roses purchases have been a success and wish the same for future ones. We deeply want to thank you for entering in the first Cabbages & Roses blog giveaway and would like to invite you to enter in future giveaways. Have a wonderful day!


      C & R

  40. Jamie Vowell Says:

    I live in Montana (US) so seeing the Cabbages and Roses exquisite clothing, fabrics and furnishings is the closest I can get to the beauty of your country. I especially love the fabrics – can’t choose a favorite, but I’m pretty fond of the Langton line! Jamie V

    • Jaime,
      How wonderful, thank you for entering in our first Cabbages & Roses blog giveaway. If you would like another chance to win one of our future giveaways we encourage you to tune in every week.


      C & R

  41. lana Says:

    I’ve “discovered” C&R at my tender age of 41. I don’t slave to anything material, but have to admit that every item I have now brings me so much pleasure every day.
    I usually buy the stuff over the phone, having sen it only on the website, and it is always a special day when the paperbag arrives with something exquisite inside.
    I instantly put it on and feel like a princess.
    Right now, I’m in the Drake dress, which I’ve forgotten to put back in my wardrobe for the whole week now!
    When I do open my wardrobe now and then though, there’s never a What shall I wear question (i.e. you don’t want/like anything in particular), whatever I pick I wear with girly swirl.
    It’s hard to describe the exact feeling.
    Even my husband loves it and doesn’t complain too much when the bank statement arrives!
    When we went to Bath a few weeks ago, I bought a last year’s grey scarf, and put it on immediately. An hour later when we met up (he had spent HIS hour in the Apple shop) I dragged him back to Jigsaw to “see” something, and why I was trying the dress on i hung my scarf around his neck, and he liked it so much he bought one himself!!!
    Keep up that special touch for many, many years!
    I wish you all the very best :))))
    my daughter looks forward to wearing mummy’s things one day….

    • Dear Lana,

      I’m so happy to hear that Cabbages & Roses makes you feel such exquisiteness. Thank you for sharing your C & R story, we look forward to hearing from you in future giveaways.


      C & R

  42. Mystica Says:

    I love the clothes, the textures, the design everything and I would love to be included in your giveaway. Right now I am in chilly Melbourne though it is supposed to be summer! Anything cozy would be lovely right now.

  43. Camilla Says:

    What I love most about Cabbages and Roses is not only it’s name, but it’s complete gorgeousness of fabulous Vintage Products.

    May Cabbages & Roses go from strength to strength.!

  44. Vanessa Says:

    Cabbages and Roses is brilliant.

  45. I love C & R because of your holistic position on life and all things lovely 🙂 thanks Le

  46. I just discovered your online shop and I love all of your designs. I wish we can have a store here in California. Your clothes are timeless and romantic and comfortable!!

  47. mary kirwin Says:

    Love cabbage and roses style and books, wonderful! mary

  48. Carol Casey Says:

    When I think of Cabbages and Roses I think of Organic Romance. It’s an organic simplicity that still lets you feel beautiful and cozy. Thank you for sharing these sweet wellie stockkings with one of us lucky bloggers.


    Carol Casey

  49. Felicity Says:

    It’s actually spring here in beautiful southern Australia, but come next winter they would look fabulous with my red gumboots !! Love all things “Cabbages and Roses”. Kind regards … Felicity

  50. Michele Says:

    I just found your site. I love your style–and reading of your business travels has been interesting–and look forward to reading more. ; )

  51. Your faboulous and romantic fabrics just speak to me… I love your style home decoration!
    Tank you for this opportunity!

  52. I just love Cabbages & Roses fabrics. So soft, suttle and oh so romantic. I am going to be spending lots of time in the mountains soon and I think those boot socks would be perfect.

  53. Katherine Says:

    What a lovely giveaway. I’m just now being introduced to the lovely fabrics . Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Katherine,
      For such lovely words and for entering in our monthly giveaway. We would love to see you enter in future giveaways, and who knows maybe you’ll walk away with your very own Cabbages & Roses blog giveaway.

      C & R

  54. Nicole Says:

    I am a newcomer to your line. What beautiful stuff! I dream of one day owning some of your dresses and coats. The gorgeous wellie socks would be nice too!

  55. tara Says:

    I love the romance of Cabbage and Roses and it blends in so well with it’s functionality.I also love how you support and use your home countries materials.Such a cosy giveaway..xx

  56. Elsina Says:

    I love the vintage patterns and vintage quality of C&R and the inspiring images 🙂 Thanks for the chance on these beautiful socks, love them because it’s organic wool! Greetings, elsina

  57. I Love your Giveaway!!!! This is My very first time here, I am so glad I found you!!!!!! I am in Love with all of the Beautiful Fabrics for sure!!!!! Simply Lovely!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  58. agnieszka ka Says:

    I love C&R because the fabric is so romantic and feminine!I just love the style!

  59. nancy Says:

    love love the fabric selections & the gallery of pictures are picture perfect! thanks for the chance of the giveaway! i’ll need some of those soon!
    xoxo’s nancy

  60. kristin Says:

    C & R warms the body and soul simultaneously. you’re bringing “wooly” back!

  61. Dawn Says:

    I just discovered C and R..and I love all the colors and vintage patterns…all so yummy!

  62. Wow what a lovely giveaway! Anyone who knows me knows I love being home…Cabbages and Roses gives that warm and cozy feeling of home.

  63. Pam Says:

    I love that Cabbages and Roses has come to signify not only a brand, but a lifestyle-a “feeling” of beauty, serenity, and a coziness that we strive for at home. Your products are obviouly chosen with love and care, and all work together to create that unbelievable C & R atmosphere-well done!!!

  64. Prencie Says:

    Oh my! There are just too many things to list everything that I LOVE about Cabbages and Roses! For starters I LOVE the beautiful dainty floral prints that are used and the gorgeous textures! I think that appeals to me on a huge scale! I always think it’s important to appeal to the 5 senses… taste, touch, smell, sight,sound. Whenever I get the chance I try to apply those into my designs!:) I know it’s hard to do smell and touch over the cyber world:) But talking about touch, I would love to feel my own pair of knit socks!!! I’ve been wanting a pair for years and just haven’t had the chance to buy any.

  65. everything!!!!!! The fabrics are my favorite, the faded roses, awe……those kitted socks are to die for though!

  66. anne marie Says:

    hi Christina! how great of you to support them…count me in for the giveaway…..those socks looks totally snuggly…..and will add it to my sidebar!
    looking forward to your spring/summer line Christina!

    anne marie
    (p.s. hope you can make it to the farm sometime!)

  67. Priscilla Cardillo Says:

    Your designs are totally my style. I love looking over here, and seeing the beautiful things you create. You are an inspiration to all the creative woman! Thanks ~ Priscilla

  68. Krista Says:

    I just found your blog this morning and LOVE it!! 🙂 The photos and welcoming feel are lovely. 🙂 Those socks are brilliant!! 🙂

  69. The give-aways. . . 😉

  70. Emily Says:

    I love that Cabbage and Roses is eco-friendly, creative, and romantic 🙂

  71. Raeann Says:

    I have only just found your site, but I love the organic wool wellington boot socks. Perfect to wear with the now popular boots for everyday! I would love to win a pair!

  72. Maria Hale Says:

    I love the beauty, the simplicity, and the romance of the products. My chilly toes are crossed hoping they will those lovely socks!

  73. Kim Michael Says:

    C&R~I LOVE the Simple yet very Beautiful Style they bring to us in everything they create.The vintage feeling with every item is outstanding.~Cheers Kim

  74. Hello to everyone at Cabbages and Roses!
    I would love to win a pair of these knitted socks.
    I love everything about Cabbages and Roses.
    My friend Tracey just recently was able to visit your shop in London, and was excited to see her pictures of your beautiful store!
    Maybe I will be lucky enough to visit your shop!
    Have a wonderful week!
    I posted about your wonderful giveaway last night… and added it to my sidebar.
    Take Care,
    p.s. I commented last night… but I do not see it… so sorry if you have two messages from me…

  75. michelle young Says:

    I love the commitment to hand made products and the great eye for style and comfort.

  76. my oh my….it might be easier to say what i DON’T like about c&r….hmmmmm, oh yes, there is nothing! i love the classic design, the patterns, colors, sensibility and freshness…and those socks, oh my my my, i can really use those for my boots….it is getting a bit chilly in the morning feeding calves with rubber muck boots and short socks…now wouldn’t i feel special wearing tall warm wool socks? yes i would…thanks for the chance to enter!

  77. Jan Says:

    What I love about cabbages and roses is your style. Your blog is one of my favorites to visit for your great decorating ideas.

  78. Abby Says:

    Every single fabric is absolutely dreamy! I could never choose just one:) Thanks for the chance as the cozy socks.

  79. Ulrike Says:

    I’m a newcomer here. Yet I can say that I enjoy looking at all the beautiful things that have been created along with knowing that some of it is hand made. The photos from other places shows how much people enjoy your products too.

  80. What’s not to love about C&R? Everything is fabulous! I especially LOVE the clothes! I don’t own anything from the line but I can dream….. 😉 I also love the patterns and fabrics on the cushions.
    The knit wellie socks are so great, and I just got a new pair of wellies these would be perfect for!!

  81. I love the romance and adventure of everything you have! 🙂

  82. i love the timeless quality about Cabbages and Roses products….they are truly beautiful…..

  83. I love everything about Cabbages and Roses. I have bought your book and it is so lovely.

  84. Celia Says:

    I love your clothes. They are really beautifull!!

  85. I could quite easily live in any one of your stores….really! Thanks for such wonderful inspiration,Chrissy

  86. melissa mcmanus Says:

    I love so many things about Cabbages and Roses, but what I love most is that all of the items make a house feel like a home.

  87. Sheila Says:

    LOVE the bespoke-sort of quality to your things. I’m excited about this giveaway, too!

    Blessings, Grace, and Peace!

  88. Tess Says:

    I just love how your hatley roses fabric makes my home worth coming home to !! It defines a dream for me…..

  89. Besides the timelessness and attention to quality, I love that you put such thought and effort into your materials and the craftmanship. For example, the local wool and the opportunity for skilled craftspeople to work from their homes.

  90. Melanie Says:

    Love love love the deck chair. ❤

  91. Roseand Ruby Says:

    I adore your beautiful fabrics.

    Thanks for the chance to win xox

  92. I love Cabbages and Roses because of the simple beauty of their products. Katie

  93. Lauren O. Says:

    wow…because I know how much time and dedication goes into each hand knitted piece…WOW!

  94. Kristi Ripley Says:

    Hello! I can’t get enough of the linens and fabrics! I can look at them for hours! Just beautiful and tranquil! The socks are adorable and look so cozy!

  95. arielle Says:

    I read you’re blog everyday always waiting to see a new display of creative and romance. It only takes 2 minutes on here to find something you absolutely love and adore. I could basically live with anything from Cabbages and Roses ❤

  96. Renee Says:

    Love your fabrics!!
    Awesome socks and giveaway, thank you for the chance. 🙂

  97. Yvonne Jones Says:

    Cabbages and Roses is a lifestyle choice for me,a fabric fanatic,anglophile and lover of naturally beautiful clothes.
    The books are brilliantly inspiring and practical,I use the ideas everyday-sleeping,eating , cleaning and wearing them! Ever since I Spotted the pink velvet coats on a visit in 2005 I have tracked as much Cabbages and Roses as I can down to my home in Canterbury, New Zealand,where by the way we can have very cold winters!
    Keep the beauty coming, and the Charity work-Aroahanui( loving greetings

  98. Helen Cartwright Says:

    I love the beautiful timeless classic Hatley print and the way in which Cabbages and Roses vintage style prints sit so comfortably along side vintage treasures!

  99. franbera Says:

    Really appreciate the care & skill with which garments are made. Also I very much support the manufacture & production of goods made in England.

  100. The thing I love most about Cabbages and Roses is the inspiration that i am sure to get every single time I visit! As a girl who is an endless search to be inspired, you are definitely one of my “go to” blogs!

  101. Julie Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coats. Before the snow falls at least one of them will be mine. Oh please pick me…

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