November 10, 2010

We at Cabbages & Roses were touched and not a little overwhelmed by the really, very kind comments posted on our blog ‘giveaway’.   There were so many of you who really should have won, but I understand that to make our giveaway legal, the winner has to be chosen at random.   We did, however, enjoy all your comments so please do keep visiting us to see what we will be giving away next Month!!



Cozy wellington socks on their way to our winner, Helen Cartwright


8 Responses to “”

  1. I’ll keep visiting for certain. The socks look beautiful, lucky Helen!

  2. Janine Marshall Says:

    I agree with Tracie above, those socks are truly lovely!!! Congratulations to Helen!! Am enjoying the posts. Keep up the good work
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  3. andrea Says:

    Your wellington socks are truly beautiful…and Helen is certainly a very lucky girl.

  4. lana Says:

    well.. 😦 for moi ….but 🙂 for Helen….I hope she enjoys wearing them for ALL of us!

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