December 14, 2010

As we are settling into the neighborhood of Avery Row, we have

been discovering some wonderful secrets in our grown up Central

London residence. There are so many established and old-fashioned

places to visit in Mayfair, from the Conde Nast building which houses

Vogue, to places like the Mitchell Gallery that has been running for generations.


Paintings & Drawings

Dealers in 19th-20th Century British & Continental Works of Art

MARK MITCHELL Paintings & Drawings is a trading division


Paul Mitchell Ltd., specialists in Antique & Reproduction Picture

Frames and Conservation & Restoration of Paintings.


Having explored the art market over several years Mark is

fulfilling his ambition to expand the picture-dealing side of

his father’s business.  He has assembled a rich and varied

collection of British and Continental oil paintings, watercolours

and drawings from the 17th-20th centuries, as well as

contemporary works.  These comprise landscapes, seascapes,

interiors, figure, animal and still life paintings.


Mark is one of the third generation of the Mitchell family of

fine art dealers, founded by his grandfather John Mitchell

in 1930, whose Bond Street gallery is run by Mark’s uncle

Peter and cousins James and William.

We will keep you posted on some of the other places worth a visit as soon as we find them.


C & R


5 Responses to “”

  1. lana Says:

    I have been enjoying several pieces from AW 2010 very much…I am grateful for the more affordable lambswool knitwear, which goes so well with everything else from C&R, those super-cute elbow patches make them so special and unique.
    IThe beauty of C&R clothes is that they are soo good, beautiful, comfortable plus superb quality and craftsmanship,that it’s really is sheer pleasure to wear them EVERY day.
    Whichever combination I make, they all look good, the understated class&taste all in one, so different from almost everything else on the market.
    I thought I was a bit mad when I decided to buy the second Mary shirt, but am now very glad I did as I wear them almost every day under the jumpers and cardigans.
    Sometimes I think I must have been born in a white shirt!

    • Hi Lana,
      We love hearing how Cabbages & Roses is embraced. We also would love for you to enter in our latest giveaway by writing a comment just as lovely as this one on the hosting blogs comment box. We wish you luck!


      C & R

  2. lana Says:

    I just did and realised it is going to come out as completely anonymous…well….story of my life 🙂

  3. lana Says:

    I did, but it did not get published. Never mind, I’ll just keep buying things from C&R when I can.
    All this tweeting, blogging etc, is just a mode of marketing.
    In my opinion, I like to wear C&R all the time, it’s a particular style with a certain philosophy of thinking/living behind it , so seeing the give away red cardigan in the blog that does the latest give away,being matched up with some glammy pair of heels and a few other nice but very forgettable pieces, just made me a little sad.
    So, I’ll float away in my bubble of sit and stare heaviness, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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