Store Opens in Japan

March 26, 2011




in spite of all they have been through

our Japanese partners


have managed to re-create


in our new shop


Shibuya-ku Tokyo 〒 150-0033 26-8

Sarugakucho Sanfuratto IF


Business Tel.03-5728-1818)

11:00 to 8 p.m.



We congratulate them, and we thank them and truly


we could have been there


The English Cabbages & Roses














10 Responses to “Store Opens in Japan”

  1. Marcia Says:

    What wonderful, encouraging news. Our family has had a rough week (see my latest post) so it is inspiring to read of this great news about Japan!

  2. elin Says:

    Congratulation:)So many beautifuel things in the shop…

  3. lynn Says:

    It looks really inviting and pretty, I wish them lots and lots of super sales and lovely customers, best wishes
    Lynn xxx

  4. Lynne Says:

    A breath of fresh air…how lovely!

  5. Monica Lee Says:

    Theses photos are just so beautiful!

  6. Monica Lee Says:

    Computer glitch,oops!…I meant to add these photos AND this space turned out just so lovely, everyone must be very proud…

  7. Axelle Says:

    Beautiful !!! no other words to say !
    Any plan to open a shop in Belgium ?

  8. Sandy Says:

    I wish you lots of luck with the new store, but when are you going to open a store in the United States? We love C&R over here 😉

  9. Mar Bailey Says:

    I so love your shops and clothing. They makes me think longingly of my time as a Laura Ashley store manager in the U.S. I surely miss those lovely, romantic clothes, and how wonderful you felt wearing them. Any chance coming to the Denver,CO area? My best to all.

  10. wow. this is in one of the best parts of town. kambate kudasai! i hope your new shop goes well.

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