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Our new MODA Collection…

May 23, 2011

We went to America, Kate and I, and as guests of MODA FABRICS we showed off our brand new collection of quilting fabrics to some of the 22 million quilters across the USA.

What an extraordinary new world we discovered!   It was our first trip to Salt Lake city and we were overwhelmed by the charm, wholesomeness and exuberance of the city, we met heavenly people and had an enthusiastic reception to our first attempt in designing fabrics for the quilting world.


When we embarked upon the collaboration with MODA Fabrics, I went back to the roots of Cabbages & Roses.   Our first fabrics were based on the faded, worn, crumpled fabrics once available in the 50’s – the sort of fabric you could only find in scraps in junk shops and vintage fairs.   This jolly, lighthearted range of fabrics are perfect for making old fashioned quilts as well as clothing and accessories.   The stripes add strength and body, coordinating with the florals both large and small.    As with all our fabrics, they look better washed and air dried, giving the prints an added dimension and movement in the cloth.   Where we have printed the same pattern on different coloured base cloths, one white and one cream, the idea is to use them together in quilting designs, giving the impression of sun faded areas.   There is something wholesome in time worn and faded – this is what we have created.   The rest is up to you, limited only by your imagination!

These fabrics will be available from September 2011, check the MODA website,  or call 800-527-9447 or send an email to for stockists.

Keep your eyes peeled for free patterns, projects and lovely giveaways from now until  September.   Here are a few shots from our photo-shoot with the new fabrics.


Pretty blues and white hanging on the washing line


Quintessentially English summer picnic


Raking the leaves to get the perfect shot

Afternoon tea in the garden

Cushions made from our pretty collection

Blue and white collection


Love C & R xx


Raised in Cotton

May 20, 2011


for a

glimpse of

Cabbages & Roses.



Modern Country Style

May 18, 2011


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Cabbage Make-Overs Revealed

May 16, 2011

We want to share with you our

Cabbage Room Make-Overs


Andrea from


Mary from

They both did truly amazing make-overs, and we are delighted to have been a part of their projects.

Please visit faded plains & urban farmgirl to see their entire make-over  journey and transformations.

Thank you Andrea & Mary



Cabbages @ Quilt Market

May 15, 2011

Northcote Range to debut at Quilt Market 2011

We are thrilled to launch our new fabric line, The Northcote Range, with MODA at the Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, UT this week.

  It has been wonderful to meet all the lovely shop owners, and to see so much creativity at the show.

As soon as our feet touch the ground we promise to post our photographs

 and tell you about

the most amazing world of quilting.


Written from a hotel computer so we can’t upload any of our pictures 😦 




Modern Country Style

May 9, 2011

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