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Cabbages & Roses at Kilver Court

September 26, 2011

Last Thursday the Cabbages&Roses team took a trip to Shepton Mallet in Somerset to spend the day with Roger Saul and his team at the beautiful Kilver Court! Armed with a wide range of fashion for the store we were introduced to the lovely staff, had a tour round the wonderfully light and airy space, and gathered together to talk through our wonderful collection, with help from some wonderfully cooperative last minute model recruits. As intrigued customers milled past and the camera snapped away, we presented our soft jerseys, luxurious velvets and heavenly knitwear – styling the Kilver Court team as we went along!

As lunchtime approached, we settled at a table in the Harlequin Café just across the courtyard and were treated to a delicious homemade and locally sourced feast of Sharpham Park  Butchery pork and leek sausage sandwiches, tomato and basil soup with ample bread and butter and a beautifully tender beef casserole with Sharpham Park spelt pearl barley, all finished off with a glass of well recommended organic cola – nothing like we had ever tasted before! Just as we were sitting back in our chairs, perfectly full, there was mention of a bread tasting session upstairs – and who could resist?! As we approached the table laden with soda breads, cheese scones, focaccia (to name a few) the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air and no taster was turned down! Half an hour later we were fit to burst after countless samples, made with spelt flour from Sharpham Park ( that Kilver Court proudly stock.

Having heard wonderful things about the gardens at Kilver Court, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a look ourselves before we departed for London, and were taken up to the perfect viewing point – we would highly encourage a visit to see these beautifully maintained and attractive gardens! Do have a look at the wonderful things going on at Kilver Court by visiting, we would highly recommend a visit!

We were so inspired by Kilver Court’s delicious homemade spelt lunch and breads that we will be including a spelt recipe this week in our seasonal recipes – be careful not to miss it!

Love C&R xx